Monday, 15 October 2012

The Beginning stages of planning....

First post of many...and first trip of many!

NEW ZEALAND!!!! we come!!!

So after much deliberation we thought that the best way to go about this is to do a road trip. That way we get to see what we want to see and stop when we need to, with two little kids, we need to be able to stop and go.

We've decided on the September/October school holidays next year...a two week trip doing the North and South Island.  It will be hectic but we really want to fit in as much as we can.

At the moment we're trying to figure out exactly what we want to see and how long we want to stay in one place.  Being as it's Aaron's home country, naturally he wants to show us where he use to live and where he went to school etc.

There's a website that will do up and itinerary for you.  So you can tell them what you want and where you want to go etc and they can do one up for you...with motels and car hire and you can pay for all that plus your attraction admissions etc before you even get there.  I like that idea!  So it's something to think about.

Leave it to the experts. Leaving the planning to the experts is always a good idea and well thought out itineraries, schedules and activities ensure you enjoy a relaxed and hassle free tour. It costs no more to have have your tour planned and created by our New Zealand based experts

At the moment we're thinking that flying from Brisbane to Hamilton would be cheaper than flying to Auckland, so we're looking into that first.  So our trip will either begin in Auckland or Hamilton and most likely end in Christchurch.

Anyway watch this space....

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