Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Car or Campervan?

That is the question!!!

So we've been deliberating which one will be the cheapest for us travelling by campervan or by car staying in motels.  Initially I thought campervan but by hiring a car instead of a camper I'm saving around $1000 straight away, then factoring in more fuel consumption in a camper than a car...but then motels are more expensive.  It's hard to tell!

I've written on a parenting forum about it and a travel forum as well, and the consesus so far is that the campervan is the cheapest option in the long run.

So I think we're going to have to crunch some numbers and figure it out!

 The best part is that New Zealand exchange rate is lower than ours which means it's cheaper in NZD than AUD...so that's the fun part!  When you type in $100 and it's only $79.14 in NZD it's a nice surprise!  I didn't really want to go over 100 AUD a night for accomodation and it turns out I really won't unless I go all first class...which we won't.  So that's something to take into consideration when deciding on campervans or cars.

Another thing to consider is that it does rain a fair bit, particularly in the South Island so do we want to be trying to keep the kids in at a caravan park with rain and mud and stuff?

Well anyway these are all things we'd have to think about some more as I do some research on free stays cos I heard there are free rest areas and things that you can hook up the power and away you go...

More research!!!

Oh I forgot...I think we'll be leaving from Queenstown instead of Christchurch now....but will cover that in another post.

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